Arris improves additive manufacturing capacity to one million parts per year

Berkeley, CA – ARRIS revealed an emerging technology milestone by signing a contract manufacturing partner to further increase production part capacity.

Additive Molding, a first-of-its-kind manufacturing, materials, and software technology developed by ARRIS, has been scaled from tens of thousands of parts in 2021 (Berkeley facility) to hundreds of thousands of parts in 2022 (Berkeley and Taiwan facilities). By partnering with a contract manufacturer in Malaysia, ARRIS is positioning Additive Molding for an initial production capacity of 1M+ parts per year.

“The ARRIS team set out to scale advanced composites five years ago, building our tech on top of conventional molding methods to achieve millions of parts for mass-market products,” said Riley Reese, ARRIS CEO and Co-Founder. “By bringing up our production systems with a contract manufacturing partner, we enable an important manufacturing milestone that allows us to deliver on the demand for Additive Molding. We’re only just beginning to see this tech’s impact across industries.”

ARRIS has also doubled its in-house material production capacity as of February 2023 to support growing customer programs while continuing to further its research and development on bio-resin and natural fiber materials options. Additionally, ARRIS has made notable technological advancements that significantly speed up customer programs.

“The team achieved one of its fastest lead times to date, producing first articles within 10 days from design lock,” said Erick Davidson, ARRIS Chief Engineer and Co-Founder. “By staying committed to innovation and continuous improvement while bringing up Additive Molding, we are attaining new levels of technology maturity that enable us to push the limits of composites like no one else has.”

Today, brands in portable electronics, footwear, sporting goods, transportation, and industrial industries are leveraging Additive Molding to achieve unmatched product performance differentiation and greater product sustainability.

ARRIS earned the 2023 BIG Innovation Award in January, as well as the 2022 LEAP (Leadership in Engineering Achievement Program) Award in December. ARRIS has also ranked as one of Fast Company’s “10 Most Innovative Manufacturers” in 2021. Additional recognition includes East Bay EDA’s 2021 Innovation Award in Advanced Manufacturing, Business Intelligence Group’s BIG Innovation Award in 2021 and 2022, Chicago Athenaeum’s GOOD DESIGN Award for 2021, and Red Dot’s 2020 Design Concept Award.