Birch Chemicals unaffected amidst cure activation chemicals shortage

North Lincolnshire, U,K, – With the rubber and plastics industries recently suffering from a critical shortage in cure activation chemicals due to unexpected supply chain delays, Birch Chemicals credits its own integrated supply chain for its recent success.

Cure activation chemicals are required for curing, a process which hardens and toughens a liquid compound into a more solid state; a necessary part of the process to manufacture rubber or plastic. However, recent supply chain delays have left many compound manufacturers without access to the necessary cure activators needed to maintain productivity levels.

However, thanks to its integrated supply chain, Birch Chemicals has been unaffected by global shortages, and continues to offer its own calcium hydroxide cure activator, Innovoh, for immediate dispatch worldwide.

Already relied upon by many of the world’s leading FKM fluoroelastomer producers, Innovoh is just one of the many products in the Birch Chemicals range, which also features the well known calcium oxide desiccant range Innovox.

“We produce and refine all of the raw ingredients for our entire product range on-site,” says Mark Baldwin, Birch Chemicals managing director. “Not only does that give us an advantage when it comes to unexpected supply chain delays in the rest of the industry, it also gives us unparalleled control over the quality of our products. We’ve formulated and refined Innovoh to offer an industry leading cure activator performance, with excellent mixing and dispersion characteristics that ensure a high quality finished product.”

It is more than the reliability of Innovoh’s availability that makes so many compounders rely on Birch Chemicals, says Baldwin. “Innovoh has been shown to outperform competitors, even after being stored for 24 months. And many compounders have found that after switching to Innovoh, they produce better quality compound, with greater consistency and fewer scrap or quality rejects.”

Having seen increased interest in Innovoh as compounders look for reliable, high quality alternatives after supply chain delays, Birch Chemicals has stated that both new and existing customers are welcome to enquire about ordering its industry leading cure activator for immediate dispatch.