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Birla Carbon to build new carbon black facilities in India and Thailand

Marietta, USA – Birla Carbon announced the establishment of two new carbon black manufacturing sites in Naidupet, Andhra Pradesh, India, and Rayong, Thailand.

“We are excited to augment our expansion plans in support of key customers in the fast-growing markets of India and Southeast Asia,” stated John Loudermilk, President and Chief Executive Officer, Birla Carbon. “These two new state-of-the-art factories will ensure a secure supply of our industry-leading products, quality, and service, allowing our customers to meet their growth ambitions.”

Each of the new facilities will have an initial capacity of 120 kMT operational in 2025 with plans to expand to 240 kMT in the future. These two new greenfield sites will be prioritized based on their locations, demand dynamics in the region, and specific customer needs. Previously announced brownfield expansion plans in Hungary, as well as, the post treatment facility expanding Specialty capacity at Patalganga, India, are progressing on plan.

Birla Carbon will focus on the completion of its expansion initiatives while it continues to evaluate additional capacity requirements in various geographies, in line with its Purpose, to ‘Share the Strength,’ driven by customer needs, industry trends, and our ambition to be the clear sustainability leader in the industry.