Corteco, the aftermarket unit of Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, broadens its portfolio in the heavy-duty segment

Weinheim, Germany – Corteco focuses on seals in more detail than most other aftermarket companies. As part of the technology and sealing expert Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, Corteco is diversified and well positioned for the demanding independent aftermarket within the heavy-duty sector. A market in which Corteco is progressively increasing its presence. The product range will see further expansion with additional product groups in 2024.

Corteco’s products for the heavy-duty aftermarket currently focus on radial shaft seals that have been specially engineered for the rigorous demands of construction and agricultural machinery and other heavy-duty applications. Through this focused approach, Corteco, as Freudenberg Sealing Technologies’ aftermarket unit, has consistently grown its footprint in the heavy-duty market in recent years. The future also looks promising with the addition of new product families, such as accumulators, to the aftermarket delivery program for the heavy-duty sector in 2024. “Applying the quality of series production directly to the independent aftermarket is not an additional expenditure for us, it’s a logical consequence. We benefit from our wide-ranging experience and the very strict requirements of series development, especially in the automotive sector. These can also be applied perfectly to the heavy-duty market. That is why we will continue to expand our range in this area,” says Dr. Christian Dickopf, Senior Vice President at Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, who is responsible for Corteco.

There are no all-encompassing solutions for the diverse needs in the heavy-duty segment: Each application must be considered on its own. That is why the company’s extensive experience in the automotive and truck industries comes in handy.

This philosophy is reflected in the product quality, which is tested under extreme conditions. Freudenberg Sealing Technologies goes above and beyond the requirements of the individual OEMs. The test field in Weinheim is also unique in the industry. With over 300 test rigs, it is the largest of its kind in the world. Here, seals and other products endure simulated conditions to ensure their performance beyond a 300,000-kilometer lifespan.

“The individual OEMs have different requirements – all of them are high” says Robert Leins, Head of the test field at Freudenberg Sealing Technologies. “For us, it’s always a matter of transferring the reality into our laboratory and reproducing it in fast motion. An average test cycle is completed here in 240 hours.”

Heavy-duty seals must resist not only mechanical stress but also extreme temperature variations, chemical exposures, and UV radiation. These exhaustive tests ensure the products’ readiness for all real-life applications.

The company is also active in research: Freudenberg Sealing Technologies regularly fields inquiries from new segments such as e-mobility and shipbuilding. The test rigs can even replicate conditions such as speeds up to 36,000 rpm or shaft diameters reaching one meter. It is always particularly important to consider the entire tribological system, according to Robert Leins. A robust and long-lasting sealing solution emerges only when all components synergize.

The customers of both Freudenberg Sealing Technologies and Corteco value this commitment: The demand for premium products in the heavy-duty and aftermarket segments is steadily climbing. Product reliability remains a key priority.

“A seal that costs just a few euros will protect an investment worth several hundred thousand. So why compromise when you can rely on proven series technology?” Dickopf concludes.

With a strong commitment to quality and innovation, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, through Corteco, asserts its position as one of the leading suppliers of sealing solutions in the heavy-duty aftermarket segment.