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Dow, Bridgestone develop silicone tire sealant

Bridgestone Americas and Dow have partnered to develop BSeals, a recyclable, silicone based tire sealant technology. The extended mobility solution was introduced at the 2022 Silicone Expo in Detroit, MI, in June, and represents more than four years of joint research and development between the two companies.

The B-Seals technology provides excellent sealant performance in the event of a puncture, without compromising sustainability. Unlike conventional sealants that are difficult to separate from tires, this silicone based sealant can be efficiently removed after application, promoting tire repairability and potentially extending the amount of time a tire is in service. Because it is removable and recyclable, B-Seals sealant technology also supports end-of-life tire recycling and enables tire material circularity.

Approximately one third of all new passenger vehicles sold in the U.S. are without a spare tire,
leading to increased demand for extended mobility solutions such as self-sealing and run-flat tire
technologies. Bridgestone will initially offer tires with B-Seals sealant technology to original
equipment manufacturers looking to reduce vehicle weight and improve overall efficiency, as
more electric vehicles come to market.

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