Dow MDI distillation and prepolymers facility starts commercial operation in Freeport, Texas

Midland, MI – Dow announced the start-up of a new MDI distillation and prepolymers facility at its world-scale manufacturing site in Freeport, Texas. This investment optimizes Dow’s existing asset infrastructure and advances Dow’s leading positions in attractive applications in automotive, construction, consumer, and industrial markets.

The new Freeport MDI facility, which replaces Dow’s North America capacity in La Porte, Texas, will supply an additional 30% of product to Dow’s customers. In coordination with the start-up of the new MDI facility, Dow shut down its polyurethane assets at the La Porte site.

“Our customers are looking for a cost competitive and reliable supply of key upstream polyurethane raw materials to support their growth,” said Jane Palmieri, president of Dow’s Industrial Intermediates & Infrastructure operating segment. “The back integration at the Freeport site enhances operational flexibility and reliability and delivers a more sustainable production process ensuring that we are best positioned to support our customer needs and downstream growth.”

The new facility in Freeport delivers a more sustainable production process by:
Lowering Dow’s annual greenhouse gas emissions from operations – the equivalent of removing 6,000 cars off the road each year;
Decreasing the amount of freshwater intake; and,
Reducing the percentage of wastewater discharged annually.
Dow’s extensive Polyurethane franchise upgrades key polyurethane components and systems to produce rigid, semi-rigid and flexible foams, and coatings, adhesives, sealants, elastomers and composites. These products are used in various applications ranging from industrial and infrastructure solutions to consumer comfort solutions such as flooring, furniture, bedding and footwear, to automotive solutions for vehicle interior, and energy-efficient insulation materials.