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DuPont rebrands silicone masterbatches for thermoplastics as MULTIBASE products

Wilmington, DE – DuPont Mobility & Materials announced that it has rebranded its full portfolio of silicone masterbatches for thermoplastics as MULTIBASE™ products. The new brand took effect this month and applies to all legacy Dow Corning silicone-based masterbatch products.

This initiative builds on the global brand awareness of MULTIBASE™, a highly respected Dow Corning company with a 20-year history of supplying high-performance silicone masterbatch technologies that are used worldwide to enhance, extend and reinforce the overall performance of thermoplastic materials. These materials are also well-suited for use in a broad range of key industries, including packaging, automotive, wire and cable, fiber, consumer and industrial. 

The MULTIBASE™ brand name will be used for all future DuPont silicone masterbatches as they are developed and commercialized. The brand change does not affect the formulation, properties or quality of these industry-leading products. DuPont will continue to manufacture the same high-quality silicone masterbatches using the same processes and applying the same rigorous standards as before. 

“As market trends, competition, regulations and applications evolve, polymer manufacturers often face new challenges in tailoring their materials to address these changing needs,” said Jacek Madry, global business leader – Hytrel®, MULTIBASE™, Vamac®, DuPont. “Our MULTIBASE™ silicone-based additives offer many options for extending properties, enhancing processing and reinforcing materials. They also deliver unique attributes that can help customers address regulatory requirements; reduce energy use; and improve the function, aesthetics, quality and durability of end products.”

The most recent masterbatch product to be introduced was MULTIBASE™ AMB-12235 masterbatch for multilayer polyethylene (PE) blown film. This masterbatch combines an anti-block agent with a compatible, permanent slip additive to improve film processing and ensure consistent quality. Future DuPont MULTIBASE™ products will align with key market trends such as extending the lifespan of end-use applications, optimizing manufacturing to reduce energy consumption and scrap generation, and reducing formulation complexity to promote recyclability.