Ecomass Technologies launches storefront on Knowde

San Jose, CA – Ecomass Technologies, which markets, develops, and manufactures high-density engineered thermoplastics, has launched a storefront on Knowde, the leading digital marketing and sales platform built for the ingredients, polymers, and chemicals industry.

Designed to replace traditional high-density materials, Ecomass Compounds deliver the weight and physical properties of metal with the design and production advantages of injection-molded plastics and can be injection or compression molded.

“At Ecomass Technologies, we are continuously collaborating with customers to develop high gravity compounds for new industries, markets, and applications,” said Robert Durkee, President of Ecomass Technologies. “With our storefront on Knowde, customers have a new, online resource to find our products, request documents, order samples, and connect with our experts to get answers to their technical questions.”

“One of the key benefits that Knowde offers is the ability for companies in every industry to accelerate innovation and bring new products to market faster,” said Ali Amin-Javaheri, CEO of Knowde. “For suppliers, Knowde opens the door to new markets and customers and enables companies like Ecomass Technologies to reach and engage buyers and nurture leads more