Ecoplastomer achieves 13 percent reduction in injection time decreasing manufacturing costs

Lębork, Poland – Ecoplastomer’s innovative materials have successfully passed rigorous tests in complex automotive applications. The manufacturer of technical plastic items has used Ecoplastomer® PP-70 to produce parts commercially. Recent trials have demonstrated that Ecoplastomer® parts offer an impressive reduction in injection time of approximately 13%. “Remarkably, we achieved an almost 13% reduction in injection time for one component,” said Katarzyna Pokwicka-Croucher, Founder and CEO of Ecopolplast.

Moreover, Ecoplastomer® maintains similar density and hardness to virgin materials, ensuring seamless integration into existing manufacturing processes.
“This reduction not only accelerates production cycles but also significantly decreases energy consumption, helping manufacturers save on operational costs and reduce their environmental impact,” added Katarzyna Pokwicka-Croucher.

Ecoplastomer® is made entirely with post-consumer recycled plastics and recycled tire rubber, providing a sustainable alternative to virgin materials.