Effect of accelerator mixing ratio on curing characteristics of EPDM gasket materials

by Mohsen Firouzbakht, Emad Behdad, Alireza Shiranifar, Mohammad Janatian – Entekhab Investment Development Gorup

In a four-person household, the washing machine is in operation about one and a half hours a day. On average, it washes, rinses and spins about 250 times a year, cleaning some 1,000 kilograms of dirty laundry, an amount that is increasing all the time. Its components, particularly the rubber hose systems and rubber gaskets, are subjected to greater chemical and mechanical stresses than just about any other household appliance. Moisture, detergents and cleaning agents, particularly alkaline agents, as well as high water temperatures must not have an adverse effect on the material. Due to the long service life of the washing machine, all polymer parts, especially rubber parts, need to have a service life of at least 10 years, which means excellent resistance to aging.

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