Engel launches pay per use for machine molding

Warwick, UK – ENGEL breaks new ground in injection molding machine distribution. Blazing a trail for its industry, the machine manufacturer now offers its customers a pay-per-use model on top of classical machine purchases. This helps processors to reduce their investment risk while at the same time boosting flexibility in production.

Payment is made as a function of the machine utilisation level. A unit price is agreed either per unit produced or unit of machine operating time. The pay-per-use model allows processors to avoid the risk of binding capital or the need to seek approval for substantial investments. This often means that the procurement process can be concluded faster.

Assuring high machine availability is another benefit. All production cells delivered in the scope of the pay-per-use model feature the online support and remote maintenance tool e connect.24 and are regularly maintained by ENGEL service technicians. In a service case, the ENGEL technicians can start troubleshooting immediately. Maintenance work can be planned at an early stage to keep unavoidable machine downtime to a minimum. And e connect.24 acquires the machine utilisation as the basis for billing.

At the end of the agreed contractual term, the customer has the option of purchasing the machine. Alternatively, ENGEL Used Machinery, the pre-owned machine company in the ENGEL Group, can take back the machine. This means that Pay per Use makes a contribution towards sustainability. After all, the business model ensures that the potential service life of the injection moulding machine is utilised to the max.

The financing partner backing the new pay-per-use solution by ENGEL is linx4 GmbH, which is headquartered in Vienna. ENGEL is the first supplier in the injection moulding machine field to offer its customers this flexibility.