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Environmentally friendly plasma black as drop-in replacement for furnace black

by Lucas A. Wilke, Dan A. Karsten, Thomas R. Maier, Ned J. Hardman, Monolith

Monolith manufactures an environmentally friendly carbon black that results in two tons less CO2 emitted for every ton of carbon black produced. This carbon black has the same physical and colloidal properties as the incumbent furnace black, a process that was developed approximately 80 years ago. Monolith carbon black is manufactured using natural gas and renewable electricity, as opposed to pyrolysis fuel oil (PFO), so the product is a cleaner, more pure form of carbon black which is either a drop-in replacement for furnace black or very close in performance in rubber compounds. This article will explain the environmental advantage and present the physical properties as well as the performance data in rubber for Monolith’s new to the market plasma carbon black.

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