General Silicones film technology allows for seamless in-mold decoration

Hsinchu, Taiwan – General Silicones Co., Ltd. (GS) announces an innovative application of its Compo-SiL® decorative film in the production of membrane keypads. GS introduces enhanced design flexibility, improved durability, and superior hygiene into keypad manufacturing by integrating this sophisticated silicone film with in-mold decoration processes. Demonstrating the practicality and effectiveness of Compo-SiL® silicone technology, GS has developed reference prototypes to aid manufacturers and brands in evaluating the benefits silicone surfaces can bring to their keypad product lines.

The integration of Compo-SiL® into the manufacturing of membrane keypads utilizes its distinctive adhesion and bonding technology, allowing direct incorporation of silicone-based decorative film during the molding process. This seamless fusion with materials like PC and PET not only enriches surface functionality but also brings the possibility of backlit features to life, significantly enhancing user interface design. The inherent properties of silicone—resistance to hydrolysis, high temperatures, weather conditions, UV light, and water repellent—ensure the keypad surface remains robust for indoor and outdoor use in demanding environments.

For companies emphasizing sustainability, Compo-SiL® emerges as an environmentally conscious choice over materials like PC. The lower environmental footprint of silicone and the absence of VOC emissions present an intriguing alternative to traditional materials such as PC and PVC.

The decorative film from Compo-SiL® comes in an array of aesthetic finishes and colors, offering designers a broad spectrum of creative possibilities. With the option for digital printing, customization extends to accommodate diverse surface designs according to specific project requirements.

Beyond visual appeal, Compo-SiL® decorative film excels in tactile quality, providing a range of textures from metallic and matte to 3D pearl lines, leather, and wood finishes. This versatility ensures an enhanced touch experience compared to conventional materials, making it an ideal choice for applications requiring tactile interaction, including touchscreen films.

The exceptional chemical inertness of silicone positions Compo-SiL® as a prime material for healthcare devices necessating regular sterilization and cleaning. Its resilience against degradation from frequent cleaning with alcohol, disinfectants, and UV sterilization ensures lasting durability. Additionally, incorporating antimicrobial, antifungal, and antiviral components within silicone allows manufacturers to enhance the benefits of their devices. Compo-SiL® has met stringent industry standards, successfully passing ISO 22196:2011, JIS Z 2801:2012 antibacterial testing, ASTMG21 antifungal testing and ISO 21702:2019 antiviral testing. This validation underscores its suitability as the preferred surface material for membrane keypads in critical medical applications, such as patient monitoring systems and medical diagnostic devices, where hygiene and durability are paramount.

The application of Compo-SiL® decorative film extends well beyond the realm of membrane keypads, marking its presence across a diverse array of industries including automotive, medical, and consumer products. Its adaptability is showcased in automotive interiors, medical control interfaces, and touch control panels for home appliances, bringing aesthetic fluidity and enhanced tactile response to a multitude of surfaces.

Integrating digital printing and customizable textures, along with Compo-SiL®’s commitment to environmental sustainability and reduced VOC emissions, establishes it as an ideal choice for brands and OEM manufacturers aiming to infuse their product lines with innovation. This versatile decorative film meets the evolving demands of modern manufacturing and aligns with global sustainability goals, making it a forward-thinking choice for future projects.