Gibitre Instruments develops special setup for tensile tester

Bergamo, Italy – Gibitre Instruments has developed a specific instrument setup, which combines standard instruments to ensure easy calibration and totally repeatable results. 

The result is the combination of Gibitre Tensile Tester with a standard high-accuracy Multimeter, electrically insulated clamps and, optionally, the standard Gibitre Environmental Chamber (working between -40°C and +250 °.

Conductive and semi-conductive rubber and plastic products are being developed and studied for a growing number of applications.

The simulation of the behavior of those products in their real use conditions may permit to improve development and anticipate potential problems.

The aim of the test is to measure how the electrical resistivity changes when the part is subjected to a specific deformation cycle and/or to specific temperature conditions.

The TensorCheck Software allows the complete and simultaneous control of the instrument, the Multimeter and the Environmental Chamber and processes the Force, Displacement, Temperature and Resistivity signals.

The software license provided is complete: by simply replacing the grips, you can prepare test methods for testing in Traction, Compression or Bending.

The TensorCheck software allows you to prepare test cycles that include the sequence of steps that the instrument must perform to apply the dynamic cycle intended for the test and the temperature regulations. Recursive loops can be defined to perform cyclic operations.

You can plot curves by selecting which unit you wish to display on Y and X axis: Force, Stress, Elongation, Strain, Time, Resistivity, Temperature.

Each test method prepared permits to define which numerical results you want to calculate. Specific results related to resistivity measurements are: Resistivity at set Force, Resistivity at set Stress and Resistivity to set Deformation.