Giti ranked in top 10 most valuable tire brands worldwide

Rancho Cucamonga, CA – Giti has again ranked as one of the world’s most valuable tire brands, according to The Brand Finance “Automotive Industry 2023” report. In addition to this achievement, Giti was also among the top ten tire brands in the new “Sustainability Perceptions Value” ranking. For the first time, Brand Finance assessed how stakeholders perceive the sustainability of the brands from different segments, providing reference values and insights on this important issue.

Undoubtedly, this is excellent news and Giti is very honoured to have received this accolade. Throughout its history, Giti has worked tirelessly to become a leader and advocate for sustainability in its sector, integrating insights, innovation and creativity into the continuous improvement process when building its brands. Giti strives towards achieving sustainable growth, bearing in mind its responsibility towards the environment and the people who live in it as part of the company’s DNA.

“The result of this ranking validates and further reinforces our commitment to seeking solutions that reduce the environmental impact of our activities, products and services. We are committed to act now in the interest of guaranteeing the future of our business and, above all, the future of the planet”, says the Head of Marketing (Rest of World) for Giti Tire, Chia Shiroo.

As the automotive industry moves towards more green technologies, Giti actively watches market trends and continually builds upon existing technologies. Across Giti’s global R&D platform, top engineers research and develop next generation technology to ensure continuous improvement in products, safety, compounds and overall driver experience.

In addition to focusing on expanding its global presence by developing products innovatively and intelligently, Giti places additional emphasis on the concept of “green and efficient production” for sustainable growth. Besides integrating its five global Research & Development centers through Giti’s R&D Platform, AdvanZtech, Giti also continues to establish partnerships with other organizations that share similar purposes and values while adding value for its customers.

Last year, Giti reported the results of its pilot of the E- (or environmental-) liability accounting algorithm developed by two professors from Harvard and Oxford (Prof. Robert Kaplan and Prof. Karthik Ramanna). E-liability allows organizations to produce real-time, accurate and auditable data on their total direct and supplier’s emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) and other key contributors to waste and pollution.

“Our team worked together closely with the authors of the E-liability algorithm and was able to analyse the tire manufacturing process, identifying major emission sources along the production line, and focus on optimizing two of the most energy-intensive processes: tire compounding and tire curing”, explains Chia.

Green production is also important as Giti continues to build lasting relationships with vehicle manufacturers around the world. Providing Original Equipment tires for over 565 car, truck and bus models around the world, Giti looks to grow from strength to strength, bringing quality tires to your markets while reducing our impact on the environment.