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Global rubber additives markets forecast at $6.3 billion by 2029

Los Angeles, CA – The Global Rubber Additives Market was USD 4.80 Billion in 2021 and is growing at a CAGR of 3.90% year on year; it will reach $6.30 Billion in 2029 according to Reliable Business Insights.

Rubber additives are rubber polymers that have undergone chemical processing to improve or increase overall performance. They are widely used in industrial production and manufacturing because of their high viscosity and cross-linking ability. They represent the rubber business by offering a wide range of products, including processing aids, tire bladders with excellent performance, anti-sun check waxes, and others.

The demand for rubber additives to make tires and other rubber goods has increased due to the automobile industry’s explosive growth. The need for tires has significantly increased, which has fueled the expansion of the rubber additives industry. Automobile demand is being driven by rising discretionary income in developing nations. The Rubber Additives Market is anticipated to expand faster due to the rising demand for tires from the automotive industry.

Both natural and synthetic rubber are given a variety of additives to give them certain qualities. In vulcanization chemistry, two key components are crucial and are referred to as “activators,” often zinc oxide and stearic acid.

Due to the increased demand for elevated rubber from the automotive industry, the tire sector makes up a sizable portion of the market. The largest user of rubber is the tire manufacturing sector.

China is predicted to control the Asia Pacific rubber additives market in terms of both production and consumption. India’s rapidly expanding automobile industry is anticipated to boost consumer spending for rubber additives. The countries listed: are Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, South America, the Middle East, and Africa.

Due to multiple multinational firms, significant manufacturers, and distributors, the global rubber additives industry has been defined by intense competition. Several regional firms are predicted to be drawn to the global rubber vending industry. Detailed company profiles of the major global players, including Sennics (France), Eastman (US), Kemi Chemical (Japan), Sunshine (China), Lanxess (Germany), Shandong Yanggu Huatai Chemical (China), KUMHO PETROCHEMICAL (South Korea), Red Avenue (Spain), SI Group (Addivant) (Belgium), Puyang Willing Chemicals (China), Agrofert (Hungary), Sumitomo Chemical (Japan), NCIC (China), OUCHI SHINKO CHEMICAL(Japan), Arkema Inc. (US) and Zhedong Xiangzhu Co., Ltd., etc.