GRI expands footprint in South America

Colombo, Sri Lanka – GRI has reached a significant milestone with its successful entry into the South American market, marking a new chapter of growth and innovation for the company in this vibrant region. This expansion highlights GRI’s commitment to global growth in the Specialty Tires sector, supported by a strong sales team and a customer-centric approach.

Mr. Hernan Acosta, GRI’s partner and head of the South American business, emphasized the strategic initiatives driving the company’s rapid progress and customer satisfaction. “Our entry into South America was a strategic move to establish GRI as a leader in Specialty Tires. We began by assembling a dedicated local team and forming strong partnerships with reputable dealers across 11 countries in the region. This allowed us to establish a robust distribution network and lay the groundwork for market penetration. Our goal is not just to sell Specialty Tires, but to contribute to the region’s growth through our focus on sustainability and innovation.”

Key initiatives such as comprehensive training programs for dealers, facilitating dealer visits to end-users, and rigorous field tests in critical operational environments have been instrumental in driving GRI’s business growth in both the Agricultural (AG) and Material Handling (MH) sectors. Mr. Barry Guildford, Global Commercial Director of GRI, stated, “Our commitment to superior customer service, technical expertise, and high-grade products has enabled us to meet the increasing demand for reliable products capable of withstanding challenging operational conditions across the region. By emphasizing superior value through product quality and exceptional service, we have positioned GRI as a trusted choice for Specialty Tires in South America.”