Guill introduces new cam-lock design

West Warwick, RI – Guill Tool recently announced the availability of its Cam-Lock design on various crossheads.

The Cam-Lock is the same as supplied on the Bullet and will be supplied on additional heads, where applicable. It allows quick and easy assembly and disassembly of the crosshead and eliminates the socket head caps screws. By removing and replacing the internals, a different profile can be extruded in minutes rather than hours. Since the cam lock resets the internals in the right configuration every time, there’s far less chance of error, compared to the assembly and misalignment issues with socket set screws. The Cam- Lock offers several features such as: it takes only ½ turn to remove and install the deflector tip and no fastening hardware is required. Additional features include fast tool changes (threaded retaining ring for the die and threaded tip retainer), dies remove from the front and tips from the back, tooling retainers for gum space adjustment, vacuum connections, simplified cleaning and reduced downtime and operating costs.