Gummiwerk Kraiburg introduces new compound portfolio for the food industry

Waldkraiburg, Germany – Gummiwerk KRAIBURG GmbH & Co. KG is introducing a compound portfolio specifically developed for use in the food industry and based on the latest requirements of the revised BfR Recommendation XXI.

The comprehensive revision of BfR Recommendation XXI emphasizes the handling of process-related impurities, with risk assessment based on internationally recognized scientific principles being a key aspect. In response to these changes, Gummiwerk KRAIBURG has carefully evaluated and assessed its production processes in close cooperation with an accredited testing institute.

The compounding specialist introduces a streamlined and well-assorted compound portfolio based on NR, NBR and EPDM, covering a hardness range from 35 Shore A to 85 Shore A, in response to the revised regulations. This diversified portfolio is suitable for a wide range of applications and includes both black and colored compounds.

BfR-compliant recipes and production: basis for successful finished part testing
Precisely formulated recipes and a production process aligned with the revised BfR Recommendation XXI form the basis for successfully passing the finished part testing required by these guidelines.

BfR Recommendation Guidelines: Ensuring safe food contact
BfR Recommendation XXI is a set of guidelines for commodities based on natural and synthetic rubber issued by the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung, BfR). This recommendation specifically addresses the evaluation and handling of materials in contact with food. It provides criteria for assessing the safety of substances that may migrate from these materials into food and aims to establish safe limits for their use.