HEXPOL and LabsCubed announce partnership in rubber testing

Barberton, OH – HEXPOL Compounding Americas (HCA) announced a new collaboration with LabsCubed. HEXPOL, the leader in custom rubber compounding, and Labscubed, a dynamic and innovative automation company, have partnered to redefine the standards of rubber quality control and reiterate HEXPOL’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

Recognizing the importance of precision and efficiency in rubber testing, HCA has made a strategic investment in LabsCubed’s state-of-the-art automated tensile testing technology. By doing so, HEXPOL is positioning itself at the forefront of rubber quality control, setting the stage for industry-wide advancements.

LabsCubed’s automated tensile testing equipment, powered by cutting-edge technology, aligns seamlessly with HEXPOL’s mission to provide top-tier rubber materials and solutions. This collaboration underscores HEXPOL’s commitment to delivering the best to their customers.

“We are proud to partner with HEXPOL, a visionary leader in the rubber industry,” said Khaled Boqaileh, CEO of LabsCubed. “HEXPOL’s decision to embrace our automated tensile testing technology demonstrates their dedication to excellence and their relentless pursuit of quality.”

Tom Roberts, HEXPOL Compounding Americas Director of Quality adds “The CubedOne tensometer is an excellent fit with our strategy to create A Quality Difference by implementing state-of-the-art testing processes in all our test laboratories that provide more reliable, predictive results for our customers.”

HEXPOL’s adoption of LabsCubed’s technology is set to elevate the competitiveness and reliability of rubber products throughout North America. This collaborative effort showcases HEXPOL’s ability to lead the industry towards innovation and higher quality standards.