High-quality recycled rubber used in industrial applications by Stellantis and Bridgestone

Verona, Italy – Rubber Conversion’s project Life Green Vulcan this month at the top of the LIFE Programme for the Environment and Climate Action, selected by the Italian Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security. Within this project and thanks to the innovative technology of Rubber Conversion, it was possible to demonstrate the use of recycled rubber for industrial applications with high technical content. Stellantis has industrialized spring pads containing 20% recycled rubber, while the company Bridgestone has industrialized a tread for a car tire (PCR) containing 10% recycled rubber by weight.

For innovation-driven leaders who are actively looking for the most effective solutions for decarbonizing tires, automotive components, or footwear manufacturing operations, this is encouraging and exciting news. These results pave the way for the use of high-quality recycled rubber, allowing remarkable savings in virgin rubber and in particular natural rubber, in full alignment with the EUDR directive (The European Union Deforestation Regulation), and a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.