IISRP to honor synthetic rubber industry leaders, Daniel French and Sven Theile

Houston, TX – Two of its outstanding leaders will be honored by the International Institute of Synthetic Rubber Producers, Inc. (IISRP) at its upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM). The prestigious IISRP General Award will be awarded posthumously to Mr. Daniel P. French of French Oil Machinery Company, and Dr. Sven Thiele from Synthos Group will be honored with the coveted Technical Award. The presentation of both awards will be formally made on May 7, 2024, during the 64th IISRP Annual General Meeting in Bangkok, Thailand.

“It will be a great privilege for me to present these awards to two exceptional leaders in the synthetic rubber industry and valuable collaborators of the IISRP,” said Juan Ramón Salinas, Executive Director, and CEO of IISRP.

Daniel French

For more than 30 years, Dan has been in charge of the Chairman and CEO position at French Oil Mill Machinery Company, but his history with the company started more than 50 years ago. He began his professional career as a machine operator and has since advanced to the position of president and CEO, all of which he has held for more than half a century.

The history of the family company, founded by his grandfather over 120 years ago, has influenced his professional career. Dan began his tradition of service and giving back in 1966 when he joined the US Air Force as a second lieutenant. He was on active duty for five years before joining French Oil, which involved service in Vietnam. Dan continued military service in the USAF Reserves until he retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in 1994 after joining the company full-time.

For several decades now, the global synthetic rubber industry has benefited from receiving superior-value products and services that aim to improve its customers’ productivity and reduce their production costs through all the technological innovations driven by Dan. All the above can be seen in the improvements in the finishing lines that are operating in many plants and through the hydraulic presses for molding rubber and rubber compounds, in the rubber mixers, and in the screw presses for synthetic rubber processing and in equipment for separating liquids from solids.

Dan advocated for the partnership between industry and market stakeholders. Dan’s active involvement, leadership, and support have been beneficial to many businesses, industry associations, and civic organizations. The IISRP is no exception. His continuous support and active participation have benefited the Institute. He will be remembered for collaborating on the activities and projects of the IISRP.

Dr. Sven Thiele

Dr. Thiele earned his PhD in Chemistry from Westfaelische Wilhelms University in Muenster, Germany. His postdoctoral activities included research projects with industry leaders such as Solvay and DSM. He has held significant industrial R&D positions since 1997 at Trinseo, Dow, and DSM. In 2021, following Synthos’ acquisition of Trinseo’s synthetic rubber business, he joined Synthos. This transition has further established his leadership, driving the SSBR process and product development activities of Europe’s largest synthetic rubber producer toward more advanced and sustainable commercial materials.

Dr. Sven Thiele was elected for his outstanding technical contributions that have played a pivotal role in shaping the global synthetic rubber industry. His influential body of research, particularly his pioneering work in the field of functionalized synthetic rubber materials, has brought about transformative changes. This work has set new standards for the growth in the production of advanced synthetic rubber grades and directly contributed to innovation in the tire sector, with significant improvements in tire performance and sustainability.

Dr. Thiele’s exceptional contributions during his successful career have been acknowledged with prestigious awards, including the 2011 IQ Innovation Award in the Chemistry/Plastics category, the 2015 DKG Product Award, and the 2017 Hugo Junkers Award for Best Product Development. Throughout his career, Dr. Thiele has been an active voice in the global technical conference circuit. His presentations have greatly contributed to the advancement of synthetic rubber, solidifying his reputation as a respected industry expert.