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Improving profitability through innovative technologies and processes

by Guido Veit and Christian D. Tittensor, Zeppelin Systems, and Sara Liébana Viñas, Evonik Industries AG

Performance material usage is increasing in the manufacture of tires. These materials are composed of various additives with different properties that require a high level of expertise to maintain their properties throughout the production process and to deliver the desired, consistently high level of required quality. This is just one aspect that increases complexity in the manufacturing process. Market demands for more cost-effective products are also constantly increasing. Operating costs eserve special attention because process optimization is paramount on every manufacturer՚s agenda. Specialty chemicals group Evonik Industries and plant automation supplier Zeppelin Systems are working closely together to show how the use of innovative products and processes can both improve the performance properties of tires, while making their manufacture even more economical.

In order to optimize a production process, various factors must be accounted for. These include minimizing both CAPEX capital expenditures) and OPEX (operating expenses), sustainable management of pollutants and emissions, and avoiding waste.

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