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Kayton Industry Co., Ltd.

Kayton Industry Co Ltd., founded in 1992, is a leading provider of machinery for tire and other rubber products manufacturing in Taiwan. Kayton recruits the best personnel from the best tire producers, transferring expertise in making tires to creating the best tire making machinery. Kayton’s machines are designed to deliver the best user experience. Kayton’s machines bring high performance, high precision and advanced technology to guarantee your product is of the best quality.
Kayton’s mission is to help tire makers with producing high quality tires that will endure the harshest conditions for their whole long life cycle. In 2009, Kayton entered the European market after acquiring CE certification, and was quickly recognized as a high quality supplier of machines that are effective and easy to use.
At present, Kayton’s machines are used by leading manufacturing companies in the European Union and North America, in countries such as Germany and the USA. Kayton is also present in global rubber markets, including Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, India and Pakistan. The quality of Kayton’s products and services is proven by long-lasting business with Continental, Pirelli, Bridgestone, Yokohama, Toyo, Bando, NOK, Synztec, Inoue, Nitta, and other market leaders.
Kayton’s featured products include batch-off machines, cold and hot feed rubber extruders, rubber calenders, tire curing machines, tire testing machines, bias cutters, bead-wire inner circle length measuring machines and tire laboratory curing machines.