Krautzberger integrates patent pending technology and top performing spray guns

Vint Hill, VA – Krautzberger has developed an innovative and patent pending Rapid Trigger Air Valve Technology. This technology, along with the reduced needle diameter, allows for faster on / off switching performance, reducing overspray, minimizing material used and producing a near perfect spray pattern. Air volume is increased by 60% so that even highly viscous material can be atomized. With a switching frequency of up to 30 Hz, the patent pending pre and post air control offers high precision and reproducibility in fully automated spraying systems. The Krautzberger Rapid Trigger Air Valve Technology is unique and unlike any existing technology.
A new innovation in Air-Assistant Airless technology, the new DUO A 22 is designed for rapid and precise on / off switching dynamics. The Rapid Trigger Air Valve Technology provides a precise spray pattern, minimizing overspray and providing cost savings on materials, as well as requiring less energy to complete the spray cycle. The DUO A 22 is lightweight, with fewer parts, making it quick and simple to maintain. With precise and rapid fan pattern development, the DUO A 22 excels in sophisticated, fully automatic coating systems.
With a directly mounted solenoid valve, the Mikro XSmv is a version of the Mikro XS and offers a light weight, compact option with rapid pre air control up to 50 Hz trigger speed / cycle (open, fan pattern build and close). Additional benefits of the Mikro XSmv include easy and simple maintenance.