Maxam tire announces nine new sizes for Agrixtra line

Danvers, MA – MAXAM tire is helping farmers and growers improve their operations by introducing nine new sizes to the AGRIXTRA N family of products. The addition of these sizes allows MAXAM to deliver the improved productivity, crop protection, and minimal soil compaction rates that are necessary for both high-clearance tractors and self-propelled sprayers no matter the farming application.

With differing agricultural working needs, MAXAM is once again focusing its efforts to develop narrow tire solutions that are engineered to meet the challenge of varied terrains, loads, soils, and speeds. MAXAM’s AGRIXTRA N tires are designed to increase farmers’ or growers’ productivity by delivering improved tire performance through increased traction, resulting in reduced fuel consumption, soil compaction rates, and higher crop results.

In addition to the eight new sizes in the standard AGRIXTRA N size range, MAXAM has released the VF380/105R50 for service on the larger 1200-gallon and above self-propelled sprayers. VF tires are engineered to surmount the highest levels of tire deflection through the development of new rubber compounds and casing materials. With MAXAM’s VF technology, farmers and growers can either carry 40% more tire load at normal air pressures or operate at 40% less air pressure for the same tire load for reduced ground pressure. The VF series will deliver reduced soil compaction, increased tire traction, and improved efficiency for farmers globally. Backed by an 8-year tire warranty, MAXAM is focused on protecting customers’ investments while supplying exceptional product performance.

“MAXAM VF tires deliver improved performance that when coupled with onboard inflation equipment, will ensure the right inflation pressure is applied, delivering the optimal tire footprint based on the required speed or load carrying requirement in the field or on the road. Having developed product solutions for OEMs in the agricultural, off-the-road, mining, and construction markets, MAXAM Tire is committed to delivering enhanced product solutions in every segment we serve,” says Greg Gilland, Vice President of Global Agriculture at MAXAM Tire.