Michelin expands XTRA DEFEND tire range for the world’s largest dump truck

Clermont, France — As of July 2023, Michelin is marketing the MICHELIN XTRA DEFEND tire in a new size: 33.25 R 29. It will replace the MICHELIN X-Super Terrain + tire in 800/80 R 29 as of December 2023.

The new tire has been developed specially to fit the VOLVO A60H, the biggest articulated dump truck in the world. It is mainly used for mine and quarry applications.

This new size expands the MICHELIN XTRA DEFEND range, which now includes 4 references for the 80 series (23.5 R 25, 26.5 R 25, 29.5 R 25, and 33.25 R 29) and 2 references for the 65 series (750/65 R 25 and 875/65 R29). These tires are intended for both the OEM and replacement markets and have been developed to be retreadable.

The MICHELIN XTRA DEFEND range boasts great traction. Its design also allows for better resistance against aggressions with a minimum 24.7%1 greater metal mass, a reinforced casing and plies, and sidewalls that are 15%2 thicker. Thanks to an innovative tread, these tires offer long life even during the most intensive cycles thanks to a tread depth and a higher volume of rubber. What’s more, the natural rubber used in the design of the MICHELIN XTRA DEFEND 33.25 R 29 offers reduced heat emissions in order to meet users’ best productivity levels.

Laurent GREPPI, Product Category Manager at MICHELIN, specifies: “MICHELIN XTRA DEFEND is designed to meet productivity levels ranging up to a maximum of 385(3) metric tons per kilometer per hour (TKPH) on intensive cycles. The protection level is optimized with a tread depth of 69 mm and a reinforced steel crown belt package in order to ensure mobility and long life on all surface types, such as hard stones, very abrasive surfaces, and even muddy soil.”

On the summit, compared to the MICHELIN® X®-SUPER TERRAIN™+ 29.5 R 25. Measurement certified by the Michelin Technology Center.

Compared to the MICHELIN® X®-SUPER TERRAIN™+ 29.5 R 25. Measurements certified by the Michelin Technology Center.