Michelin partners with Arity to make U.S. roads safer

Greenville, SC –  Michelin announced it is partnering with Arity, a mobility and data analytics company founded by The Allstate Corporation, to develop data-powered solutions for transportation departments and cities to improve road safety across the U.S. Combining the unique data science expertise of Michelin Driving Data to Intelligence (DDI) around  data and driving behavior analysis, and Arity’s database of driving behavior data collected from nearly 100 million consumer connections, the largest in the world, the partnership will leverage data for safer mobility to transform road management.

Michelin will analyze billions of datapoints to isolate near-miss events and atypical behaviors caused by or attributed to road infrastructure. The resulting insights will facilitate decision-making and infrastructure optimization for departments of transportation on the state, city, and municipal level to make key improvements and prioritize projects as part of their infrastructure programs for safer mobility.

“Arity’s long history, stemming from The Allstate Corporation, allows us to truly understand what is happening on the roadways and identify where the opportunities are to improve for safety and overall efficiency,” said Gary Hallgren, president of Arity. “Arity shares Michelin’s passion for saving as many lives as possible on the roads and between the richness and uniqueness of our data and Michelin’s expertise, we will continue to make transportation smarter, safer and more useful.”  

“With road infrastructure a priority in the United States on a state and local level, identifying and qualifying risk zones is key to optimizing the world’s largest four-million-mile road network. Michelin will capitalize on its 130 years of understanding the driver, and apply algorithms built with strategic European road management partners. This deep data science approach built on top of Arity’s data is key to create solutions that contribute to safer mobility,” said Ralph Dimenna, vice president, Michelin Services and Solutions.

This partnership is aligned with Michelin’s strategy to leverage data science in order to deliver actionable insights and bring customized solutions to our customersIt illustrates the ambition of Michelin to propose a comprehensive offering that goes beyond the tire business.