Mobile industrial strength air purifier cleans air of particles and VOCs, destroys airborne viruses

Evanston, IL – ProMark Associates is known for engineering highly effective clean air solutions for large commercial businesses and buildings worldwide. Their newest clean air product is the ProGuard mobile air purifier. Not to be confused with small portable air filters that are better suited to filtering residential size rooms, this industrial grade system can remove particles, VOCs and pathogens. It can deliver six air changes per hour (recommended by the ASHRAE trade group) in a room of up to 1,500 square feet. The mobile air purifier is powerful, quiet and can be easily rolled into place on its casters.

The ProGuard mobile air purifier uses a centrifugal fan to circulate air through five stages of protection for an unprecedented attack on airborne viruses, bacteria, mold and even foul odors. This capability, combined with its 1,200 cfm fan capability, is a key difference from other portable air filtration systems. Instead of relying exclusively on mechanical air filtration, UV-C light and chemical-media filters are used to kill pathogens and remove odors.

Stage 1 filters incoming air through a 24 x 24 x 2 inch MERV 8 filter, with an antimicrobial coating to enhance contaminant removal.

Stage 2 is a germicidal UV-C light chamber that helps to prevent transmission of viruses and microorganisms and kills pathogens that might otherwise accumulate on filter media. A recent study by Columbia University found that UV-C light can kill 99.9 percent of the novel coronavirus.

Stage 3 is a 24 x 24 x 4-inch MERV 11 filter with high dust holding capacity for long life with a low pressure drop. Combined with the Stage 1 MERV 8, this provides MERV 13 filtration capacity without the high cost of MERV 13 filters. This level of filtration is recommended by ASHRAE to address aerosols carrying COVID-19 and other viruses.

Stage 4 is another attack on pathogens with a 4-inch thick gas phase filter made of 100 percent activated carbon which removes gaseous pollutants untouched by particulate filters.

Stage 5 is a 24 x 24 x 2-inch MERV 8 final filter with ProGuard 300 potassium permanganate granules to disinfectant airflow and ensure the removal of any remaining gases and pathogens.

Jeff Roseberry, president of ProMark Associates, said, “Until now, the only way to provide such a high level of air filtration has been by means of a custom designed and built system to be incorporated into a central HVAC unit.” Roseberry added, “While those systems are the gold standard for commercial building air filtration, they require a long lead time to build and match the HVAC system installation. Our mobile air purifier can provide similar airborne pathogen protection with no installation.”

The ProGuard mobile air purifier is designed for use in almost any commercial space. This includes laboratories and universities, production areas, commercial offices, warehouse facilities, locker rooms and employee dining areas. Operation is plug and play. The standard size filters and UV-C lamps are user replaceable. Required power is 115-127VAC at 330 watts (2.9A). At full capacity, the noise level is a whisper quiet 22dB. It is constructed of double wall steel with sound deadening insulation and easy roll industrial grade casters for ease of moving to any location.