New nano-titanium organ-functionalized ordinary portland cement breakthrough

Bayonne, NY – S&E Innovative Technologies, LLC and Kenrich Petrochemicals, Inc. announced the issuance on Feb. 7, 2023 of U.S. Patent No. 11,572,309, entitled “Construction Materials, Compositions and Methods of Making Same.”

The patent protects nano-Titanium surface modification of Ordinary Portland Cement. This novel modification to Ordinary Portland Cement significantly increases strength and provides other benefits, as the amount of water needed for flow is reduced by one-third. Enhanced applications include 3-D printing and compatibilization of cement with organic materials such as polyethylene fabric, carbon, graphene, bio-based organic materials, inorganics, and polymers.
Monte explains, “once the metal oxides that make-up the Portland cement are organo-titanium functionalized the result is: Greater compression strength; efflorescence elimination; faster mix cycles; polymer compatibilization with epoxy, hydrocarbons such as oil, asphalt and plastics; prevention of rebar corrosion; more uniform cell structure in cement foam; more flexible structures for improved earthquake resistance; and the creation of ageless and beautiful concrete structures.”

The proprietary titanate coupling agent, trade named Ken-React® KCM-3E, additionally finds application for the compatibilization of otherwise incompatible materials. Salvatore Monte, president of Kenrich Petrochemicals explains: “The nano-interface of dissimilar materials provide almost unlimited avenues for more efficient use of raw materials – sustainability and innovation.”

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