Patents for June

Diene polymer, method for producing diene polymer and rubber composition
U.S. patent: 11,001,654 – Issued: May 11, 2021
Inventors: Kazuya Uenishi, Naoya Amino, Makoto Ashiura, Motoji Fujita, Satoshi Mihara and Yu Shinke – Assigned: Yokohama Rubber
Key statement: The present invention is to provide a diene polymer that exhibits excellent low rolling resistance when used in a tire, a method for producing the diene polymer and a rubber composition containing the diene polymer. The diene polymer of an embodiment of the present invention is produced by polymerizing a monomer containing at least a diene monomer by using an initiator prepared from an organolithium compound, an alkyl aluminum and a metal alcoholate and then terminating the polymerization by using an electrophile selected from the group consisting of titanium halides, tin halides, cyclic silazanes, alkoxysilanes, epoxides, amines, ketones and compounds represented by formula (N) below.

Tire filling based on acrylic hydrogels
U.S. patent: 11,001,019 Issued: May 11, 2021
Inventors: Carl Wilfried and Markus Haufe – Assigned: Sika Technology
Key statement: A method for producing a tire filled with a (meth)acrylic hydrogel, the method comprises a) providing a mixture comprising at least one water-soluble (meth)acrylic compound, water and an initiator and b) filling the mixture in a tire in which the mixture polymerizes to form the (meth)acrylic hydrogel. The tire filling material is suitable for producing flat proof tires, enables fast and controlled cure and is insensitive towards dosage errors. Moreover, the tire filling material is environmentally friendly and cost effective.

Tire tracking RFID label
U.S. patent: 10,997,487 Issued: May 4, 2021
Inventors: Pavel Janko and Denis Markov – Assigned: Avery Dennison
Key statement: Identification labels and their incorporation in rubber-based articles are described. The labels include RFID components and can be incorporated in tires. The labels can withstand the relatively harsh conditions associated with vulcanization.

Pneumatic tire
U.S. patent: 11,001,100 Issued: May 11, 2021
Inventor: Takashi Hoshiba – Assigned: Yokohama Rubber
Key statement: Provided is a pneumatic tire, which includes a tread portion having an annular shape and extending in a tire circumferential direction, a pair of sidewall portions disposed on both sides of the tread portion, a pair of bead portions disposed on inner sides of the pair of sidewall portions in a tire radial direction and a band-like sound absorbing member bonded to an inner surface of the tread portion along the tire circumferential direction. The band-like sound absorbing member includes a plurality of cuts in an outer circumferential surface of the band-like sound absorbing member. At least one end of each of the cuts terminates within the band-like sound absorbing member.

Thermoplastic elastomer composition and method for producing the same
U.S. patent: 10,995,207 Issued: May 4, 2021
Inventors: Keisuke Chino, Hiroaki Suzuki, Zhengzhe Jin and Yusuke Matsuo – Assigned: Eneos
Key statement: A thermoplastic elastomer composition includes: at least one elastomer component selected from the group consisting of elastomeric polymers, each of which has a side chain containing a hydrogen bond cross linkable moiety having a carbonyl- containing group and/or a nitrogen containing heterocycle and has a glass transition point of 25°C or below, and elastomeric polymers each of which contains a hydrogen bond cross linkable moiety and a covalent bond crosslinking moiety in a side chain and has a glass transition point of 25°C or below; a clay, a content ratio of which is 20 parts by mass or less relative to 100 parts by mass of the elastomer component;

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