Patents for March

Patents from United States Patent Office

Pneumatic tire with in-situ generated sealant composition by chain cessation of ionic butyl
U.S. patent: 10,919,242
Issued: February 16, 2021
Inventors: Ramendra Majumdar, Lingbo Dong and Dapeng Wang
Assigned: Triangle Tyre
Key statement: The present invention is directed to a tire with in-situ generated built-in puncture
sealant comprising a supporting tire carcass comprised of one or more layers of ply, an outer
circumferential tread and a radially inner layer, a pair of beads, sidewalls extending radially inward
from the axial outer edges of the tread portion to join the respective beads, a sealant comprising
the chain cessation product of a butylionomer-based rubber sealant precursor composition
catalyzed by peroxide disposed inwardly from said radially inner layer and wherein said sealant
provides self-sealing properties to the tire.

Cap tread rubber composition for cold weather tires
U.S. patent: 10,919,340
Issued: February 16, 2021
Inventor: Yuka Yokoyama
Assigned: Sumitomo Rubber
Key statement: Provided are a cap tread rubber composition for cold weather tires providing a
balanced improvement in fuel economy, abrasion resistance, chipping resistance, performance on
ice and snow during high-speed running and high-speed performance (handling stability, grip
performance) on snow/ice-free cold roads and a cold weather tire formed therefrom. The rubber
composition contains: a rubber component including an isoprene-based rubber, BR and SBR; silica;
and a plasticizer, the isoprene- based rubber and the BR being present in a combined amount of
80% by mass or more, the BR being present in an amount of 30% by mass or more, the SBR being
present in an amount of 0.3-10% by mass, each based on 100% by mass of the rubber component,
the rubber composition containing, per 100 parts by mass of the rubber component, 120 parts by
mass or more of the silica and 50 parts by mass or more of the plasticizer.

Rubber composition and tire U.S. patent: 10,913,840
Issued: February 9, 2021
Inventors: Kenya Watanabe, Takahiro Kawachi and Keiji Ikeda
Assigned: Sumitomo Rubber3/29/2021 Rubber World March 2021 2/4
Key statement: A rubber composition comprises 5 to 30 parts by mass of a terpene resin having a
softening point of 100 to 120°C and a molecular weight of 500 to 10,000 and 2 to 10 parts by mass
of a liquid rubber or a liquid resin having a molecular weight of 100 to 3,500, based on 100 parts by
mass of a rubber component comprising 72 to 95% by mass of an aromatic olefin rubber and 5 to
28% by mass of a diene olefin rubber, wherein a ratio of a content of the terpene resin to a content
of the liquid rubber or the liquid resin (a content of the terpene resin/a content of the liquid rubber
or the liquid resin) is from 0.5 to 5 and the tire is one having a tire member composed of the rubber

Method for producing recycled material, and tire and method for producing tire
U.S. patent: 10,899,968
Issued: January 26, 2021
Inventor: Koichiro Iwasa
Assigned: Sekisui Chemical
Key statement: There is provided a method for producing a recycled material, whereby a recycled
material can be efficiently obtained from a tire. The method for producing a recycled material
according to the present invention includes a step of subjecting a tire to a gasification treatment to
generate a gas containing a C1 gas from the tire and a step of obtaining a recycled material
containing at least one species selected from the group consisting of isoprene, butadiene, a
butanediol compound, a butanol compound, a butenal compound, succinic acid and polymers of
these compounds by using the gas containing the C1 gas.

Elastomeric composites exhibiting high and long-lasting mechanical strength and elasticity and
devices containing same
U.S. patent: 10,913,836
Issued: February 9, 2021
Inventors: Adam Schwartz and Gadi Har-Shai
Assigned: GreenSpense
Key statement: Elastomeric composites comprising natural rubber, a filler and nanofiller, which
exhibit improved performance are disclosed. The elastomeric composite comprises a filler in an
amount of less than 50 parts, yet exhibits high elastic modulus, high elasticity and reduced
relaxation and/or creep. Articles and devices for dispensing fluid materials and comprising
elastomeric composites are also disclosed.

Rubber composition and tire comprising sustainable resources and related methods
U.S. patent: 10,899,914
Issued: January 26, 20213/29/2021 Rubber World March 2021 3/4
Inventor: Justin J. Styer
Assigned: Bridgestone
Key statement: Recycled elements and/or renewable resources, such as recycled carbon black or
recycled carbon black and recycled particulate rubber, are incorporated into a rubber composition.
The rubber composition can be used to manufacture tires or various tire components, including tire

Tire puncture detection and alert
U.S. patent: 10,899,181
Issued: January 26, 2021
Inventors: Albert Dennes, Junfeng Xu and John A. Rohe
Assigned: International Business Machines
Key statement: An apparatus includes a grid circuit having dimensions corresponding to an inner
surface of a tire, a computational device coupled to the grid circuit and a wireless communications
device coupled to the computational device. The wireless communications device is configured to
transmit detection of damage to the grid circuit. A computer-implemented method includes
monitoring a grid circuit positioned in a tire to detect damage to conductors of the grid circuit,
detecting damage to at least one of the conductors of the grid circuit and transmitting information
about the damage to a computer of a vehicle. A computer-implemented method includes receiving,
from a computational device coupled to a grid circuit in a tire, information about damage to the grid
circuit and outputting an indication that the tire is damaged.

Product, composition and application thereof, and automobile tire inner liner, tube and curing
U.S. patent: 10,894,881
Issued: January 19, 2021
Inventors: Yingxin Qiu, Huiqin Gong, Lei Zhang, Weijuan Meng, Xinqin Zhou and Lei Wang
Assigned: China Petroleum & Chemical and Beijing Research Institute of Chemical Industry
Key statement: Butyl rubber, a preparation method therefor, and an application thereof, and a
composition and rubber product containing the butyl rubber. The butyl rubber comprises a
structural unit derived from isobutylene, a structural unit derived from conjugated diene and a
structural unit selectively derived from aryl olefin represented by formula I, at least a part of the
conjugated diene being isoprene. Also provided are an automobile tire inner liner, tube and curing
bladder made of the butyl rubber. The butyl rubber has good processability and compounding
properties, die swell ratio and integrated mechanical properties and particularly high tear strength.
The butyl rubber can effectively reduce power consumption in the processing and compounding
process, and the prepared product has good dimensional stability and application performance.

Method for producing modified conjugated diene-based polymer, modified conjugated diene-based
polymer, polymer composition, cross-linked body, tire and compound
U.S. patent: 10,894,876
Issued: January 19, 2021
Inventors: Kazuya Morishita, Mitsunori Inoue, Daisuke Yoshii and Yusuke Amano
Assigned: JSR
Key statement: A modified conjugated diene-based polymer having high Mooney viscosity and good
shape stability and exhibiting excellent processability and low heat build-up is obtained in as few
steps as possible. The modified conjugated diene-based polymer is produced by a method of
reacting a conjugated diene-based polymer having an active chain end, obtained by polymerizing a
monomer containing a conjugated diene compound in the presence of an initiator that contains at
least either of an alkali metal compound and an alkaline earth metal compound, with a compound
[M] having at least two groups selected from the group consisting of a group “–C(R1)==N-A1” and a
group “–N==C(R1)-A1,” where R1 is a hydrogen atom or a hydrocarbyl group and A1 is a monovalent
group having an alkoxysilyl group