Polymer Solutions Group to present SureMix at IEC 2022

Cleveland, OH — Polymer Solutions Group (PSG) announced they are showcasing their patented, class-leading line of SureMix® Functional Process Aids in booth #827 at the upcoming International Elastomer Conference (IEC), October 10-13, 2022, in Knoxville, Tennessee. In addition, PSG’s Innovation Program Manager, Vince Cremona, will also present at the Technical Meeting. His presentation, “Improvement in Process Stability of Silica Tread Compounds,” is scheduled for 2:30 PM (EST) on Tuesday, October 11.

During his presentation, Mr. Cremona will discuss how reactive mixing drives silica silanization to achieve the high degree of silica microdispersion required to meet fuel economy and treadwear goals. He will illustrate a novel approach using SureMix® to help widen the processing window and minimize the variability and defects caused by processing delays during the critical reactive mixing of highly silica-loaded tread compounds.

“While higher silanization temperatures drive silica hydrophobation and can be used to improve compound properties, mixing delays and process disruptions can result in compound pre-scorch that leads to variability in compound performance and elevated scrap levels. SureMix® expands the processing window to enable optimization of silica mixing cycles,” said PSG Vice President of Innovation Aaron Puhala. “SureMix® is a great example of how PSG is committed to providing our customers with the material technologies they need to meet the ever-increasing challenges of today and fuel their aspirations for the future.”

Mr. Cremona has over 25 years of experience in chemical engineering and product development. As PSG’s Innovation Program Manager, Mr. Cremona oversees the development and manufacture of functional performance aids for the rubber market and manages the day-to-day operations of PSG’s Research, Development, and Innovation Lab. Mr. Cremona received his Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.