Properties of elastomers measured and computed by the DMYO-V oscillograph

by Nuri Akgerman and Ismail Saltuk, Tavdi Company

The dynamic mechanical Yerzley oscillograph (DMYO) concept evolved from the ideas inherent in the configuration of the venerable Advanced Yerzley Oscillograph (AYO). The DMYO incorporates both a displacement transducer, as well as a load cell. Its test control and data evaluation software is capable of not only controlling the test procedures, but also evaluating the test results. This eliminates almost all errors caused by human factors. Figure 1 shows an overall view of the DMYO-V with a shear sample installed in the test anvil over the load cell.
The DMYO determines all parameters specified by ASTM D945-16, as well as additional values such as tan delta, phase angle, loss angle, E’ and E” in compression and G’ and G” in shear, damping ratio, etc. This all becomes feasible with two sensors and the use of modern analysis techniques.

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