Roemheld Group to present coordinated concept for die and mold handling at Fakuma 2021

Hilchenbach, Germany – The Roemheld Group will present a coordinated concept for the efficient change and handling of dies or molds throughout the entire process chain for the first time at the Fakuma 2021. Dies or molds can be handled easily, quickly and safely from removal to transport up to positioning and clamping on the machine. 

The concept is based on coordinated components that can be combined depending on the customer’s requirements. A wide range of products is available, from racking systems and transport carts to magnetic clamping plates for quick and safe positioning and clamping on the machine. At the Fakuma, the group of companies will present its concept and a selection of clamping and handling technology in Hall A1 at Stand A1-1223.

Different types of racks can be assembled to the desired size for the storage of dies or molds. Die or mold transport is carried out by changing carts. Different models for different weights are available that can be moved either manually or electrically with battery power. 

A uniform docking system with which all racks and transport carts are equipped ensures safe handling. Dies or molds con only be moved when the components are firmly connected.

For positioning and clamping the molds on injection molding machines and rubber presses, Roemheld relies on magnetic clamping plates. The flexible and universally applicable quick clamping technology is suitable for all ferromagnetic dies and molds, regardless of their size and geometry. Standardization is not necessary.

Clamping and unclamping take only a few seconds.  A current pulse activates the permanent magnets, which then work independently of the current during operation. Thus, almost all dies or molds can be clamped over their entire surface with high bending stiffness and unclamped again.

The various magnetic clamping plates of the M-TECS product range are designed for temperatures up to 80°C, 120°C or 24 °C. According to the respective requirements, they can be freely designed in size, geometry, clamping force and equipment and are manufactured to customer specifications.

All magnetic clamping systems comply with the current standards for injection molding machines and rubber presses and the specifications of performance levels “d” and “e”. They are virtually maintenance-free and can be retrofitted to existing machines within a few hours.

As an alternative to magnetic clamping technology, Roemheld offers a wide range of hydraulic, electro-mechanical and purely mechanical clamping systems to handle almost all clamping situations. 

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