Sartomer to present innovations to enhance sustainable energy curing technology at RadTech Europe

Paris, France – Experts from Sartomer, part of the Coating Solutions segment of Arkema, will introduce the latest developments and technical advancements that improve the performance of UV/LED/excimer- and EB-cured materials at the RadTech Europe online event October 19–20, 2021.

“We are once again eager to participate in RadTech Europe to introduce our most recent resins and photoinitiators for energy-curable systems,” said Magdalena Doherty, general manager at Sartomer EMEA. “In addition to discussing innovative offerings that enable exceptional freedom of performance design, our scientists are presenting on the latest technological developments for UV, LED, excimer and EB curing.”

SARBIO® high-performance acrylate oligomer and monomer resins based on renewable raw materials, to help our customers meet their sustainability goals.

Structured urethane acrylate resins, a new class of acrylated urethane oligomers to help enhance and expand end properties of cured materials, together with a fast time-to-market development concept. 

New specialty low-migration photoactive liquid resin designed for indirect food contact applications. Ideal for flexible packaging, direct to pack, labels and folded carton and board. New formulation approach using such photoactive acrylate via inclusion of photoinitiating moieties into the resin backbone will be introduced.

New LED-curable liquid thioxanthone photoinitiator Speedcure LTX that enables high photoinitiator/resin compatibility and provides better solubility than traditional solid photoinitiators. It features very desirable overall properties and is particularly suitable for low-viscosity applications.

Specialty oligomers and monomers for UV/LED/EB- and excimer-curable coatings. Performance advantages of this technology include special surface effects such as ultra-gloss or matte effect. These materials are ideal for automotive, construction, flooring and other demanding consumer goods applications.

Resins to enhance dielectric performance of conformal coatings, which are thin, transparent polymeric coatings applied to the surface of printed circuit boards and other electronic components. These resins provide performance advantages including protection from the end-use environment, adhesion to substrates and electronic components, low dielectric loss and improved mechanical properties.

N3xtDimension® building blocks and additives for UV-curable 3D printing, a unique toolbox of specialty oligomers, monomers, cationic resins and photoinitiators, as well as the possibility to tailor-make solutions to customers’ specific needs. A focus on the development of easier characterization methods for elasticity and evaluation of new elastomer materials will be introduced.

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