Sentury Tire announces recall for passenger tires produced in week 17 of 2023

Hialeah, FL – Sentury Tire is voluntarily recalling a select batch of passenger tires produced during Week 17 Year 2023 due to a manufacturing issue which affects the proper curing of the tire’s tread base layer. The key points from the announcement are as follows:

Affected Tires: This recall pertains to 16 SKUs and 12 different sizes within the specified production week. (1723)

Recall Remedy: Following inspection verifying the tire(s) are within the affected population, Sentury Tire USA will replace any tire(s) affected by the recall. The replacement will be provided free of charge.

For anyone who has purchased one of the tires listed in the chart above within the specified production week and SKUs, it is important to take advantage of the recall and have the tires replaced to ensure their safety on the road. Contacting Sentury Tire’s customer service or the authorized dealers should provide guidance on the recall process and how to get the affected tires replaced.

If the dealer’s inspection verifies that you have a tire(s) within the affected population, the tire(s) will be replaced, mounted, and if needed, balanced at no cost to you through June 15, 2024. After June 15, 2024, tires will be replaced at a pro-rated value determined by remaining tread depth. If tires manufactured by Sentury Tire are not available at the time of the inspection, the affected tire(s) will be replaced with tire(s) from a comparable brand using the same size and load rating as required by the vehicle manufacturer. The time required to determine if your tire(s) is subject to the recall is just a few minutes, and approximately up to thirty (30) minutes per tire if replacement is required.

To return and replace these tires at no cost, please contact Sentury Tire USA Consumer Care at 1-866-305-2750, available Monday from 9 to 5 pm (PST).

If your tire’s Brand and D.O.T. number do NOT appear in the form dropdown menus, your tires have NOT been recalled. If you need more information, please email us at: 1723RECALL@SENTURYTIREUSA.COM