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Silicone makeup sponge market forecast to reach $1.2 billion by 2032

Pune, India – The silicone makeup sponge market is anticipated to register a CAGR of 7% during the forecast period, up from US$ 638.58 Million in 2022 to reach a valuation of US$ 1256.19 Million by 2032 according to Future Market Insights.

Increasing awareness about various benefits of silicone makeup sponge like reusability, user-friendliness, and superior outcomes to other beauty tools is also projected to increase the sales of silicone makeup sponges and aid in the growth of the silicone makeup sponge market share.

Beauty and Personal Care market is one of the fastest growing market owing to innovation in products as well as consumers are very conscious about their appearance these days. Makeup is no more a female centric element around the globe, there is a rise in male personal care and makeup market due to which companies like Asos, Calvin Klein, Yves Saint Laurent, Clinique, and others offer makeup for men while incumbent brands including MAC, Tom Ford, and Marc Jacobs have launched gender neutral makeup lines.

Due to which companies are bringing innovations not only in color cosmetics, however innovating the products which helps in applying makeup such as silicone makeup sponge. Silicone makeup sponge are of the similar the size of a traditional beauty blender that spreads product like a blender sponge or brush.

Consumers are aware of the benefits of using hygienic products through social media platforms and in general. Silicone makeup sponges are more hygienic than other makeup blenders as it can be washed and cleaned up after the use.

Silicone makeup sponge is trending and gaining popularity along consumers due to its unique property of totally apply the product on the skin. However, other makeup blenders does not apply the total foundations and creams on the skin as they are porous and due to which it soaks some quantity of makeups.

Increasing urbanization has led to changes in lifestyle of consumers which is driving the demand for innovative cosmetic products such as makeup removers, silicone makeup sponges, bronzers, highlighters, and glow products in the market. Moreover, increasing population of working women is another factor driving sales of premium quality silicone makeup sponges and grooming products. Also, increase in disposable income and higher spending power of women is driving sales of cosmetics in the market.

Since consumers are concerned about their hygiene and the consumption quantity as makeup products are expensive and the advantages of silicone makeup sponge are it does not absorbs foundation, powder or creams due to which wastage is negligible and silicone makeup sponge is antibacterial. There are many shapes and sizes of silicone makeup sponge available in the market with long lasting feature.

Product packaging is another growth factor for these products as they have pocket friendly packaging and women can easy carry these in their handbags. Silicon makeup sponge is offered to consumers at comparatively lower costs thus driving the sales in the cosmetic market.

APAC region is experiencing growth in personal grooming and cosmetic market. Male consumers are also showing equal interest in makeup products which is further driving the demand for such products in the market.

The silicone makeup sponge market is expected to register a healthy growth across all the geographies during the forecast period. The beauty and personal care products are growing across the globe and likely to push market for silicone makeup sponge. The emerging economies are expected to create significant demand for silicone makeup sponge as there is lucrative growth in the beauty care product in the industry.

The South Asia and East Asia collectively represents a considerably high market growth for silicone makeup sponge due to the increasing population and adoption of innovative products among youth. China and India’s developing market is expected to have a positive impact on the growth of the silicone makeup sponge market. North America is a growing market due to high per capita income and the consumers’ high expenditure on the beauty and personal care products which are likely to boost the silicone makeup sponge market.

Additionally, Middle East & Africa is projected to showcase steady growth in the global silicone makeup sponge market owing to the rise in the big brands’ availability as well as high per capita spending.