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Smithers adds high load universal testing machine to Akron testing laboratory

Akron, OH – Smithers announces the addition of an Instron 5985 universal testing system to its materials physical testing laboratory in Akron, OH.

The machine offers expanded testing capabilities and parameters for tensile, compression, bend, peel, shear, tear and cyclic tests. Its high force load frame has a load capacity up to 250 kN and vertical test space of 1,430 millimeters (56.3 inches).

“At Smithers, we are committed to expanding our testing capabilities alongside the growing needs of our clients and providing accurate data, on time, with high touch, which is why we invested in this upgraded Instron testing machine,” said Jeff Marek, test engineer and laboratory supervisor, physical testing, Smithers. “With this machine, we can offer physical testing services for carbon fiber composites, metals, and other high-strength composites and materials.”

“Because composites are strong, lightweight, and heat resistant, many industries are looking to use them in a wider variety of applications,” said Critt Ohlemacher, PhD, senior materials scientist, Smithers. “Our in-house team can support the research and development and validation testing work our clients will require to incorporate composites into their manufacturing processes.”

Located in Akron, the Smithers physical testing laboratory offers a full suite of testing and sample preparation services for clients across a number of industry segments and covers rubber, polymers, composites and some metals. The lab shares spaces with the company’s analytical and product testing laboratories and has a sister lab in the United Kingdom. The combination of the two locations and other complementary labs in North America, Europe and China gives Smithers the capacity, flexibility and expertise to meet any client’s testing needs worldwide.