Circular Rubber Technologies and Entex announce joint program devulcanizing end of life mining tires

Through a joint testing program, CRT and ENTEX have proven that devulcanizing end of life mining tires with the PRE is possible and provides a high end reclaim material suitable for reuse by the tire manufacturers.Recycling of end of life tires has been on the agenda for a long time. Focus to date has been on applications which downgrade the material, either for the use of rubber products or through energy recovery and pyrolysis. To reuse the rubber polymers from vulcanized rubber products requires the conversion of vulcanized rubber back into a devulcanized elastomer. The properties of reclaim devulcanized with the Planetary Roller Extruder are expected to exceed those of reclaim devulcanized by other methods.

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Global tire-derived fuel (TDF) market forecast at $430 million by 2025

Tire-derived fuel is often used as a supplemental fuel at cement and paper & pulp facilities. In recent years its demand is seen a steady rise as TDF improves boiler efficiency, reduces carbon emissions, and cuts down fuel costs. As end-use industries regain momentum in the post-COVID-19 economy, analysts anticipate that they will stoke the usage of TDF as well. As of 2019, the cement industry held a 50% share in the global tire-derived fuel market. The publisher predicts the trend will continue as construction activities make a comeback in full swing. more…

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Use of Tire-Derived and Scrap-Derived Polymers in Tire and Non-Tire Applications

The disposal of scrap rubber has been a concern since its vulcanization with sulfur and heat was accidentally discovered by Charles Goodyear in 1839. In addition to the scrap generated in production, there is the question of discarded rubber goods that have outlived their usefulness for their original function. Traditionally, this waste had ended up in landfills, contributing to the growing problem of overcrowding. Scrap tires are a well-publicized category of scrap rubber, as each year automobiles produce 246 million waste tires in the United States alone.

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