The 2nd annual Bioplastics Twin Screw Extrusion Workshop to be held this June

Charlotte, NC – Leistritz Extrusion will host the 2nd Annual Bioplastics Twin Screw Extrusion Workshop June 11-12, 2024 at The Polymers Center in Charlotte, NC.

It’s a workshop, not a conference. A unique facet of this program is that classroom sessions are supplemented by interactive “hands-on” extrusion demonstrations, as well as screw assembly, equipment cleaning and maintenance procedures.

Day 1- Tuesday, June 11, 2024 – classroom session

A partial list of topics, tailored to processing bioplastics, is as follows:

Co-rotating and counterrotating twin screw extrusion technology

Techniques for dispersive and/or distributive mixing (with minimization of heat/shear)

Sequencing of multi-stage process operations

Devolatilization process techniques and practices

Scale-up of the twin screw extrusion process

Feeders and material handling for pellets, powders and liquids

Gear pumps and screen changers

Pelletizing: strand cut, water ring, and underwater

Direct extrusion for sheet, film, fibers and profiles

Reactive processing, Foaming of bioplastics, Coextrusion and lamination

Process troubleshooting

Twin screw extruder maintenance tips and procedures
In addition to Leistritz Extrusion, speakers from industry and academia will contribute to the program.

Day 2- Wednesday, June 12, 2024 – Hands-on session at The Polymers Center facilities

Co-rotating, intermeshing twin screw extruders

Devolatilization via extrusion: ambient, vacuum assist, multi-stage venting

Feeding of pellets, powders, liquids and fibers

Downstream addition of fillers and fibers in the twin screw process section

Assembly, disassembly and cleaning twin screw elements

Maintenance for screws, shafts and barrels
Cost: $900 prior to May 10th; $980 thereafter; space is limited on a first come basis

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