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The L.S. Starrett Company

The L.S. Starrett Company (, a leading global manufacturer, offers a wide range of metrology solutions including force measurement and material testing systems, and hundreds of precision measuring tools and gages, in addition to electronic durometers and hardness testing systems. The Starrett-Bytewise division offers profile laser measurement systems for tire manufacturing and other industries. The Starrett line also includes band saw blades that are ideal for cutting steel belted tires including carbide grit and high-carbon steel blades.

The Starrett Metrology website highlights Starrett force measurement and material testing systems, as well as optical comparators, vision systems and custom metrology solutions. The site includes comprehensive product information, a video library, access to catalogs, and brochures and support manuals. A link is also provided to the Starrett Industrial website which includes precision hand tools and gages, saw blade solutions, Bytewise laser measurement equipment and more.

Starrett force and material testing systems, which are engineered and manufactured in the U.S.A., feature advanced and easy-to-use solutions for testing compression, creep, puncture and tensile strength in rubber and elastomer applications. The systems have a flexible architecture that enables the range of Starrett force and material testing software programs to be compatible with its different test frames. This interchangeable system architecture increases application versatility, providing users a wider range of solutions from basic to advanced, for their specific force and material testing needs. Digital force gages are also available for handheld use, as well as manual or motorized force stands. A full line of force gage grips and accessories is also offered.

Starrett continually innovates to meet customer challenges and has recently developed a NEW Long-Range Extensometer which is used to calculate elongation based on the overall distance moved. This easy-to-use, practical fixture provides a long travel distance, critical for rubber and elastomer applications.