The Rubber Division announces April learning opportunities

Akron, OH – The Rubber Division, ACS is offering these upcoming training opportunities.


April 13 – Dynamic Viscoelastic Properties
This VIRTUAL course starts with a very brief introduction to viscoelastic theories and models, but then shifts to explanation of the viscoelastic properties of elastomers and how those properties can be measured. Students will learn about how tire performance can be predicted using dynamic mechanical analysis and how these testing methods can be applied to other non-tire applications as well. This course will also discuss how compounding ingredients such as the polymer, fillers, plasticizers, and cure systems, can each affect the viscoelastic properties of a rubber compound. Click here for full details.


April 24 – Fast Track Your Communications: Focus and Empower Your Soon to be Magical Skills
Come to Rubber Division’s version of Hogwart’s School of Communication and Clarity. Come with us on a journey to raise your comfort level and your effectiveness. Harry Potter taught us that magic wands have two main functions – to focus energy and empower the user. We will use our wand to channel your magical powers to help you achieve your goals in different communication scenarios: Tell Your Story ~ Zoom & YouTube Savvy ~ Art of Introductions ~ Networking ~ Modern PowerPoint ~ Increased Podium Presence ~ Everyday Empowered

April 25 – Hazardous Communication
Companies that use or store hazardous chemicals are required to effectively communicate the health and safety risks of those chemicals to workers. The lack of a Hazardous Communication Program has been one of the top five OSHA violations for the last several years. This course will give the participant an understanding of the OSHA requirements regarding the criteria for chemical labels and a standardized format for safety data sheets using the Globally Harmonized System (GHS).

Course Content: OSHA 29CFR 1910.1200 HAZCOM Standard ~ Globally Harmonized System (GHS) ~ Written HAZCOM program ~ Employee training ~ Safety data sheets explained ~ Requirements for chemical labeling

April 26 – Essentials of Rubber Technology
Participants can expect to gain fundamental understanding of rubber materials and processing during this training.

April 26 – Mixing & Testing for Compound Consistency
This course is designed to provide participants an in depth understanding of the influence of the mixing process on the characteristics of the mixed compound. The focus of the training will be on reducing the batch-to-batch variation commonly associated with batch mixed rubber compounds. Detailed discussion will take place on storage and handling of raw materials and the influence of the storage environment on the properties of the rubber compound using them. We will cover the importance of sizing the rubber batch for the mixer and how to determine batch factors. Rubber test methods will be discussed in detail.

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