The Rubber Division announces March Learning Opportunities

Akron, OH – The Rubber Division announces the following Learning Opportunities for March.

March 5 – Webinar: The Function & Selection of Ester Plasticizers
March 7 – Webinar: The Art of Networking: It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Who Knows YOU
March 13 – Course: An Introduction to Continuous Vulcanization
March 15 – Course: Rubber Explained (*In-person only and includes a tour & St. Patty’s style lunch.)
March 19 – Course: Processing & Testing of Rubber
March 26 – Webinar: US Regulatory Compliance in the Rubber Industry
March 28 – Webinar: Global Rubber Technology – Processes, Current Status & Future Trends

March 13 – Course: An Introduction to Continuous Vulcanization
This virtual course was developed for rubber industry employees who currently use Continuous Vulcanization (CV) processes and wish to expand their knowledge or those who wish to gain insights into these processes and how they can be used. It will offer an overview of the variety of commercially viable Continuous Vulcanization processes and their strengths and weaknesses. Following that, it will take the participants into a more in-depth study of the three most common forms of CV, Liquid Curing Media (LCM), better known as the Salt Bath process, Hot Air Vulcanization (HAV) and Microwave/Hot Air Vulcanization. The emphasis will be on practical knowledge that can be utilized in production along with safety concerns that always need to be addressed. Instructor: Richard Strong, Elastomeric Consulting Services

March 15 – Course: Rubber Explained *In-person only and includes a tour and St. Patty’s style lunch.
This course was designed for sales and executives working in the rubber industry. Centered around practical explanations and basic fundamentals, this is the perfect course for the non-technical individual. The course will cover the following topics:
– Key raw materials used in rubber compounding
– What a rubber formulation looks like
– Costing a rubber formulation
– Types of mixing processes
– Types of fabrication processes
– Interpreting a test specification
– Interpreting test results
– Basic testing methods

Instructor: Kylie Knipp, ACE Laboratories
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March 19 – Course: Processing & Testing of Rubber
Mixing, extrusion, molding and testing is the focus of this virtual course. Different mixer types and rotors types will be reviewed. Extrusion, salt batch and other processing will be discussed along with how to troubleshoot processing problems. Compression, injection, transfer molding and other molding will be covered. The testing section includes quality control and more details on most rubber tests. Instructor: Nicki Hershberger, ARDL

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