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The two-roll plasticizer (TRP)

by Julia Uth and Manuel Bessler, UTH GmbH

The TRP Reworker is a resource saving technology for the economical processing of rework materials based on the two-roll plasticizer (TRP) with integrated Roll Ex gear pump. In an automatic process, unvulcanized rubber compounds are processed particularly gently and continuously in order to return this rework material to the production process. In tire production, compound waste is unavoidable due to the process. This material should be reworked with regard to the issues of sustainability and the economical handling of valuable resources, and not least because of the high raw material costs. Based on the UTH TRP technology, the company has developed the TRP Reworker. This process technology combines the proven methods in rubber processing, such as cracking, homogenizing and discharging; thus, closing a gap in the processing of rework materials. The concept is based on TRP technology and comprises three zones along the length of the roll, resulting in a continuous, reproducible and fully automated process.

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