TIME magazine ranks Arkema as one of the “World’s Best Companies of 2023”

Paris, France – For the first year, Arkema is ranked 226th out of 750. This ranking was carried out by the American magazine TIME in partnership with the Statista institute, on the basis of 3 main criteria: growth, ESG performance and employee satisfaction.

The ranking reflects the Group’s excellent global economic performance, which has been growing steadily for almost two decades, its demanding strategy in terms of social and environmental responsibility, and an HR policy focused on employee well-being and commitment.

Thierry Le Hénaff hailed this good ranking: “At Arkema, we are particularly committed to these three objectives combined. I’m convinced that good economic performance only makes sense if it’s based on two solid foundations: exemplarity in our CSR strategy, and a strong focus on talent management. Those who know our company from the inside know that the well-being and satisfaction of our employees is a top priority – as is taking diversity into account. According to our Net Promoter Score 2023, 82.5% of our employees would recommend working at Arkema. We recruit around 2,000 people a year and are always on the lookout for new talent. I hope TIME’s ranking will encourage some of them to knock on our door and join the company!”