Tire derived aggregate use earns Minnesota Governors Award

Zimmerman, MN – The Bolton & Menk engineers who recommended the storm water management system for the Depot on Main apartment complex, in Zimmerman, MN, had a challenge to overcome because of limited real estate. The unique solution that used tire derived aggregate (TDA) earned certificates from MN Governor Walz’ office. Project partners received the certificates at a June 21 Zimmerman City Council meeting.

An underground stormwater system was built under a parking area using 84,000 tires recycled into TDA provided by TDA Manufacturing in Isanti, MN, a division of First State Tire Recycling. The tire shreds serve several purposes, according to Monte Niemi, CEO of First State Tire Recycling.

“One of the values tire-derived aggregate brings is its filtration factor,” Niemi told the city council. “As water trickles through your stormwater management system, the TDA acts like a sponge grabbing hold of things we don’t want in our drinking water or lakes, like some of the pesticides, nitrates, phosphorus, organic compounds, and heavy metals. TDA can do the job at a fraction of the cost of many other aggregates. And, because it’s underground, you don’t lose valuable real estate to open ponds.”

It was the first time TDA was used by PSD Development LLC, the owners of the apartment.

“I was surprised to learn the water going into the stormwater TDA system comes out cleaner than when it went in,” said Matt Kuker from PSD Development. “We’ll look at TDA for additional projects.”

City council members asked Niemi several questions about other uses of TDA and how it could help with future road projects in areas with poor soils or where lightweight fill is needed. The certificate language recognizes team members for excellence in recycling and commitment to sustainability. Team members include PSD Development LLC, Brenteson Companies Inc., First State Tire Recycling and Bolton & Menk