Tokai Carbon introduces carbon blacks designed for tires and rubber goods in the electric vehicle market

Ft. Worth, TX – Tokai Carbon CB Ltd. is dedicated to becoming a sustainable partner with its customers and improving the environment.  Along those lines Tokai has also recognized the growing trend towards electric vehicles in the market in the upcoming years.

In response to that, carbon blacks that have been developed to provide higher strength and lower hysteresis in rubber products are being introduced in the market.  EV800 is designed to give maximum strength and lower hysteresis for sidewall applications.  The greater weight of the batteries will require this increase in strength while not sacrificing the necessary hysteresis to improve overall rolling resistance.  In many non-tire components, similar benefits can be obtained.  EV480 is designed to also provide higher strength at higher levels of reinforcement.  Both carbon blacks are available immediately through Tokai Carbon CB.