Trelleborg Sealing Solutions publishes whitepapers on Automated Thermoplastic Composite Processes and Design

Trelleborg, Sweden – Trelleborg Sealing Solutions recently published White Papers on Automated Thermoplastic Composite Processes and Design Modern additive manufacturing technologies, such as Automated Fiber Placement, are allowing fully automated production of complex structures.
As manufacturers learn the benefits of thermoplastic composites and apply them to novel applications, pressure to process material faster and more cost-efficiently has steadily been increasing. To meet this increased demand, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has explored thermoplastic manufacturing technologies, especially in-situ fabrication with Automated Fiber Placement (AFP). Though already used for serial production over the last two decades, improved understanding of AFP processes and evolution of the technologies involved has seen manufacturing costs reduced and performance of the resulting products improve.

In a new set of whitepapers, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions explains design considerations, manufacturing techniques and the advantages of AFP. Read them to learn more about the processes to help give you a clearer understanding of the benefits for your application.

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