Trelleborg’s new XP800 tire delivers premium reliability in material handling operations

Trelleborg, Sweden – Trelleborg Wheel Systems launches the next generation forklift tire, the XP800 range, which gives outstanding performance in medium intensity material handling applications.

Luca Sabelli, Product Manager Material Handling at Trelleborg Wheel Systems, says: “In today’s multitude of material handling operations, having the right solution is key to maximizing efficiency. At Trelleborg we have developed a unique rating system with easy to recognise labels to help customers to effortlessly identify which tire suits their needs according to the application’s intensity. The XP800 is specifically designed to be the perfect choice for medium intensity applications, delivering a solid performance and minimizing downtime to keep costs under control.”

With its advanced tread design, the new XP800 enhances both indoor and outdoor performance to ensure maximum productivity. Its innovative design features an extra wide tread and unique profile for minimized vibrations, enhanced handling and excellent stability in indoor applications, while the lateral block design with deep lugs optimizes traction in outdoor areas. Its extra deep tread increases tire longevity for maximum service life.

On the inside of the XP800, a revolutionary construction technology features an innovative fiber compound layer along with an optimized tread, to provide outstanding performance in a sustainable way.

The XP800 is available in two different compounds: multipurpose, a standard black compound to ensure very good wear, rolling resistance and overall performance; non-marking, a specialized white compound to optimize heat dissipation and keep floors clean and mark-free.

Trelleborg’s XP800 range will include multiple sizes covering low aspect ratio and 20-inch tires for more severe applications, meeting the complex challenges of material handling operations.